Teslanay: A Renowned Singer, Songwriter, and Producer


JDG Platinum Recording™ signed artist Teslanay is a Louisiana native whose love for music started at an early age. She has been singing since she was 7, and her lifelong dream as a child was to be a star.

Musical Influence

Teslanay comes from a musically inclined family where everyone played an instrument, and hers was her voice. Always surrounded by various types of music, she developed an appreciation for different genres, which are all deeply embedded in her singing style.

Early Works

She began writing poems and songs then later started recording. This intensified her passion for music even more. As a result, she started writing and producing songs for other artists as well.

Over the years, Teslanay has performed in events and concerts across multiple states, opening for several nationally known singers.


Be Captivated by R&B and Soul

With her talent and experience to back it up, it’s Teslanay’s time to shine. Her bold and sultry style will leave you mesmerized.